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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Art in Patience

If I were to choose a word that would sum up the last few years, it would be that uncomfortable word 'Patience'. So many of the projects that I have been involved in during this period have involved some element of long term planning.
Again, a gardening analogy is most apt - the process of preparation and sowing seed in one season only to reap the fruit years later applies so perfectly to so many areas of this business. Looked at in a cautious light - forgetting to sow seed in one season can so easily result in a lean period years later.
A selection of flowers found in the grassland above the Romead site
One of those projects which I began nearly two and a half years ago, has finally come to fruition. You can read about the start here. Over the last few months we have finally been able to begin the planting of some of the common areas - it feels so good to get our hands dirty at last.
The Romead site just after clearing
Originally on the actual site, there was a combination of grassland, aliens, and some garden escapes. But the site is nestled in between beautiful veld on the slopes below the Kloof escarpment, and the large riverine trees alongside the Umbilo tributary. The concept behind the design of the landscaped areas is an attempt to integrate the two vegetation types from within the park, but with an emphasis on grasses.
The dramatic entrance to Romead Business Park
In the next few days, once we have finished - I will go into a bit more detail of what we have planted, with the whys and hows.

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