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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Behind The Scenes - Raised Culinary Garden

I've just finished a raised herb and vegetable garden for a garden care client with a beautiful predominantly indigenous garden. We've been discussing the options for this area for a while - she wanted an area that she could grow some herbs and veggies.
The area planned for the vegetable garden was an area that hasn't been very successful as an ordinary garden bed. Sweet potatoes seemed to flourish though, so it seemed like the right spot.
We would both liked to have used a willow weave edging for the raised beds, but couldn't find a supplier that had stock and would be priced reasonably. We settled on log edging, as this would have a great rustic, yet neat look to it.

We moved the existing plants into pots, or other areas of the garden. The uprights were cemented into the ground and then the logs were cut to length, and placed in position. We used Bidim to keep the soil from leaking through any gaps between the poles. We kept the large Melaleuca tree in the corner, as it does a great job of softening the high wall behind.

I'm quite happy with the final result. My client wasted no time populating it with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, coriander, beans, sage, lemon grass and some sweet peas for colour. This was a relatively simple solution to a problem flower bed, that took just 2 days from start to finish.


Barbee' said...

Those are wonderful looking beds; I wish you were here to build some for me. At seventy-plus years of age, the idea of raised beds is becoming more and more the way to go for me. The ones you show there are very attractive looking, I think.

I will bookmark your post and hope I can find someone to do something similar for me... now, to find the right spot :)

stoneware70 said...

Thanks for the compliment Barbee, they were incredibly simple to make. If you want a bit more info on how to make them, just let me know.

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