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Monday, 21 January 2008

Inspiration comes from anywhere

Inspiration for my gardens comes from anywhere and everywhere. My favourite way of getting ideas is by paging through landscaping books in my favourite book shop over a cup of filter coffee. Inspiration comes from other places as well - such as the gardens that I see all around me, including the natural 'gardens' in the abundant nature reserves in and around Durban.

But ideas come from more obscure places as well. Some of my best ideas have come from places like; children's toys, fonts, construction materials, fashion, architecture and art.

The design in this 'g' holds plenty of ideas and shapes for a garden. Place this shape over a plan of your garden , and see what new ideas can develop from it.

Its all just a matter of looking with different eyes...

If you are planning your garden, it is important to look at what you like about the gardens in your neighbourhood. But open your eyes to the ideas, shapes, textures and colours that you see outside of the garden, decide what you like about them, and whether there is something you can use in the design of your garden.

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