Thursday, 7 February 2008

Planning Your Garden 1

I am a firm believer that everyone can and should be involved in their garden to some extent. Even in the lowest maintenance gardens that we create, I usually try to create a space where the owner of the garden can add or change things for themselves.

If you have a desire to do your garden yourself, think hard before embarking on the project. There is a lot involved in creating a beautiful garden that will last. It may not save you any money in the long run, and it may take longer than you expect.

If you are confident in your abilities, or are just really keen to get stuck in yourself, then get all the info you can.

Spend a lot of time thinking, and planning before getting down to the doing.

I once heard a proverb that said you should sit in a garden for a year before doing anything to it. Only then will you know the effects of light, wind, sun, water and seasons.

There are several things to take into account in the design and planning stages:
  1. Who will use the garden? How many people? Any animals?
  2. What do I need in the garden? i.e. play space, entertaining areas, lawn, shade etc.
  3. What are the negative things to take into account or negate? slopes, bad soil, bad views
  4. What are the positive aspects that should be enhanced? views, trees, light, shade
Make a list of all these things first. Don't skip this step!

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