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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Those Happy Sods

I was collecting some grass today. I had to take a picture of these little rolls all lined up and ready for me. They almost looked happy to see me?

I also learnt today, that if you need to get rid of nut grass in your lawn, you can use a great herbicide called Servian. It can be used on most lawns, as it only affects Cyperus spp. - provided you get the correct dosage.

That should save a lot of man hours trying to pull all the pesky plants out of my lawns!


Barbee' said...

Hi Ross, I wonder if Servian is available to the general public or only to professionals who are certified to use it. We have a lot of nut grass here and it would be a blessing to find something to stop it.

stoneware70 said...

I'm not sure what the rules are like in the States, but here in South Africa it is available to the general public.
It effects only Cyperus species.
I think its chemical name is glyphosate isopropylammonium salt?
Obviously it should be used carefully as it is slightly toxic to humans and very toxic to algae.

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