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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Beautifully Clad Pillars

I must admit, I'm a sucker for using any kind of natural rock in a landscape, or anywhere for that matter. I think its because stone seems to add a certain amount of maturity to its surroundings.

These pillars were the first things to go up on this site that I've been driving past over the last few days. Everything about these pillars appeal to me. From the proportions, to the colours - the browns and oranges and reds of the slate look amazing, and contrast nicely with the white concrete capstone.

To me, its a good sign that the rest of the development is going to be just as beautiful?


Unknown said...

You're right. They're indeed beautiful!

Signe said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog Ross.

Garden Wise Guy said...

The ashlar pattern is always one of my faves and I love the rich color of the stone. I would quibble, though, over the cap stones. They not only seem out of level, but the material is too stark and contemporary to be paired with the columns. I think I would have gone for a thick slab of the same stone or at least colored the plaster/concrete (can't tell which) to harmonize with the natural stone.

But then I'm pretty fussy about that kind of stuff. Great craftsmanship.

stoneware70 said...

Thanks for the comment Billy,

I agree, I don't think that the capstones are level, but I have a feeling that they haven't been fixed in place yet (well I hope that's the case - I couldn't get close enough to see)?

They do seem to contrast with each other quite a bit, but judging by the properties around this plot, I think the house will be quite contemporary, so (like an old married couple) they may look more suited to each other in time?

I'll do a follow-up-post in a few years time...

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