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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Forage Oakland

If you follow Bloggers 'Blog Of Note' you'll probably have already read about this great idea, and even though its a rather tenuous link to the world of Landscape Design, I thought it was worth a mention.

Asiya Wadud has started a movement called Forage Oakland - the idea being that people would get together in their neighbourhoods to forage for produce from gardens, that would otherwise go to waste. She puts it far more elegantly in her manifesto, and is definitely worth reading.

I love the idea of taking such an ancient method of survival, and bringing it back into todays context as a solution to some of the problems that we face in society at the moment. I hope the idea catches on.

1 comment:

Garden Wise Guy said...

Ross: glad you found the Green Gardener website. Be sure to click on the Links page--there are a few things you can download. Two other items: My TV show co-host, Owen Dell, has just had his Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies book published. It's on Amazon, so you're just a click away. The book could become your bible/curriculum for retooling your approach to gardens and put you in a niche that few in your area are ready to exploit. There's a business idea for you.

Second, regarding Forage Oakland, Santa Barbara (actually Owen Dell thought this up) has a food exchange program along the lines of the Oakland project. Visit for more info. The core idea is that many people who grow food end up with surplus and this is a way for them to not only share the food, but to meet their neighbors (each foodshed is a walkable/bikeable area, reducing fossil fuel use), learn new growing techniques and trade seed/cuttings/seedlings.

I hope this makes sense. Write back if you need more info. BG (alias GWG)

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