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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

5 more Great Gifts for Gardeners

This is Part 2 of my list to Santa - this selection is tending towards my love for gadgets. I hope you're checking my list Santa!
  1. Tree Trainer For Bent Trees
    • I've often been irritated to have plants delivered to site, and finding that some of the trees that have been supplied are slightly bent. I didn't even know that a tool like this even existed, but I have to have one...
  2. Droplet Mower
    • How cool is this lawn mower! Not only does it look like something you'd use in outer space, but its also electric. So no more dependence on fossil fuels... I think if we kit our garden service out with these, my staff will have to wear space suits to fit in with what they're using to cut the grass.

  3. Nature Zap Electric Weed Killer
    • I'm always looking for environmentally friendly ways of doing what I do, and I hate using chemicals to deal with the problems in my gardens, so if this works, it will be a great tool to add to the garden shed.

  4. Electronic Soil Analyzer
    • This is a tool which every gardener should have - It not only measures the fertility and pH of the soil, but it also shows the moisture content and gives a light reading too! Gone are the days of using those irritating, cumbersome pH kits.

  5. High-Tech Plant Glasses
    • These glasses seem too good to be true. They've apparently been developed by NASA, and will help you spot stressed plants just by looking at them. This really does seem like a scam, but if they work, I'll be first in line to buy a pair.


colin- Driveway paving romford said...

Good blog dude...
Love the funky little lawnmower.

Olympic Lawn and Landscape said...

Great ideas and I really want a pair of the gardening glasses!

Landscape Designers said...

Though home gardens aren't on a large space but we have to go through all steps to maintain its look. so, it would be better for everybody to take all the precautionary measures to do the job safely. I would also love to get a pair of these glasses!

~Aasny Stone

Frances said...

Regarding the electric droplet mower: I hate to break it to you, but all of South Africa's electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. Maybe if we lived in Norway or New Zealand where they have hydro-electricity...

stoneware70 said...

Fair enough Frances - it would be an interesting study to make between the amount of CO2 created in charging an electric mower and standard fuel dependent mowers?

Hydro-electric schemes unfortunately also have their own worm-filled cans;-)

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