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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Green With Envy Garden Show Pics

I've really enjoyed doing this show - the challenges are what appeals to me most. Trying to make a garden in a too small space, having 3 mainly rainy days to create something that looks like its been there for a while, and of course - a very tight budget.

This show has also confirmed some of my landscape leanings. I've realised that I love contrast. If I was to get philosophical I'd say it's because I live in an amazing country with such stark contrasts, and obvious beauty. But its really that I think the beauty of one plant/ texture/ colour/ material is hardly appreciated without something to contrast it with.

The theme was "The French Courtyard" which I've assumed was a very loose one. But I decided to take some of the aspects that are typical French garden (statuary, clipped hedges and Lavender), and plant wild-looking indigenous Euphorbias and Aloes alongside. In the process, I think, the individual qualities of the plants are enhanced.

The design was based around three inter-linking circles, with different materials, textures, styles, and plants in each. Even with my use of hard materials - I've used rough natural stone and smooth Tuscany cobblestones.

I've always had a tendency towards a more contemporary style of garden, but when designing for others, and specific sites, I'm wary of over-riding other peoples tastes with my own.


Chookie said...

Thank you for taking us through what it's like to work on a show garden. It has been fascinating reading!

stoneware70 said...

Thanks for stopping by Chookie - I'm glad you've enjoyed it. Now its time to take it all down again!

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