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Friday, 27 June 2008

Take The Time To Smell The Roses

Following a thread, I found a post on a blog in japan about a japanese tradition called Hanami. This is the custom dating back to the 8th century whereby people gather underneath cherry trees that are in full bloom to contemplate the flowers.

Some of the essence of this custom has probably been lost over the centuries, but wouldn't a lot of the problems that we have in South Africa be lessened if we cultivated a habit of taking time to contemplate the flowers?


Garden Wise Guy said...

Ross - short and sweet, but thanks for spreading a wonderful idea. And we don't need cherry trees. Any tree will do. Hope all's well in your southern winter. We just got done roasting last weekend, but the fog is back and this boy is most happy.


stoneware70 said...

I miss those days of lying down and staring up into the trees - there never seems to be enough time for 'contemplation'.

Light roasting would be nice though - Winter has definitely arrived, its gotten down to 12 degrees Celsius (thats cold for us). But we're heading up to the mountains next weekend, and they're predicting snow!

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