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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Trees of Eastern South Africa

I have just heard that Elsa Pooley's Field Guide to Trees of Natal, Zululand and the Transkei, is being revised and updated. It should be on the shelves by early 2009.

The new book will most probably be called Trees of Eastern South Africa, and is by Richard Boon and Elsa Pooley.
It is probably the most comprehensive and informative reference of its kind. It will include 1100 descriptions and full colour photographs of indigenous and invasive alien tree species (previously 780) as well as:
  • notes on how to separate similar species
  • colour maps which now cover an enlarged eastern region
  • margin leaf drawings
  • gardening notes and traditional uses
  • fully updated family and genus descriptions
  • derivations of all scientific names
  • common names in most local languages
At the moment they are looking for sponsorship in order to make the price as reasonable as possible. If you would like to help sponsor the book, go to their website -


Chookie said...

What's the plant on the front cover? An Erythrina? E. sykesii is a tree you see in parks in older parts of Sydney. It's no longer planted as it's a bit invasive.

My favourite exotic species all seem to come from South Africa!

stoneware70 said...

Well spotted Chookie! It is an Erythrina. I haven't seen sykesii myself, but they are one of my favourites. It's strange to think of an Erythrina being an invasive tree...

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